If Taro-flavored bubble tea is your favorite beverage, this custom PC might interest you. Singapore-based custom PC builder Aftershock has created the world’s first bubble tea PC, which was commissioned by a boba fan from Australia. The highlight of this specialized PC is its bespoke cooling system that uses a purple-colored milky liquid coolant that looks exactly like Taro bubble tea. Jonathan Teo, Marketing Lead at Aftershock, told CAN Lifestyle the build “took a lot of effort to be customised into the aesthetic achieved.” In fact, the purple coolant also has floating boba pearls swirling around, aesthetically mirroring the tasty beverage.

Aftershock claims the tapioca balls are nothing but filter balls and the company had already considered using them in their cooling system to make its presentation more dramatic and eye-catching. “We thought it resembled bobas and decided to make it a bubble tea-themed PC,” Teo shared. Another interesting design element is a glowing, laser-cut illustration of a corgi with its own bubble tea at the front as a nod to the owner’s pet dog, which Teo said was an added layer of personalization to complete the look. as far as the hardware goes, the PC is fitted with high-performance components amounting to S$10,000 (about $7500), which includes AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU and GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING GPU. The bubble tea cooling system is able to “maintain exceptional heat performance” for both gaming and work, according to the company’s press release.

Via Instagram / @aftershockpc
Via Instagram / @aftershockpc
Via Instagram / @aftershockpc
Via Instagram / @aftershockpc
[Via: Design Taxi]

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