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In our evolution, our posture has been changing due to the influence of our habits.

From working 8 hours sitting every day, having a baby and always taking the same arm, always crossing the same leg, or the way we get down. All of our habits influence posture, and for that reason, it is very important to have good habits as early as possible.

There are several types of postures, from hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis, sway back, among others. In all of them there is a significant change in the neutral curvatures of the spine and in the centralization of the joints.

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The more years the person spends in incorrect postures, the more difficult it will be to correct, but with the correct practice of physical exercise, improvements can be achieved.

Often the posture is only associated with the spine, but it goes far beyond that!

A postural assessment goes from the feet to the head, everything counts to have a good posture.

For example, it is enough to have one foot more turned out when we are standing, walking with it that way, sitting too, which will influence the entire posture! Influencing the foot, knee, pelvis, and spine.

The balance of the whole body is very important, in order to achieve the most correct alignment of your joints.

For those who want to improve their posture, they should start by making a complete assessment, in order to define the most appropriate exercises.

All exercises will depend a lot on the person’s age, sports history, injuries, among other factors.

The same person should always perform the most appropriate training for the day he is training, because, depending on the time of the training, if he slept well, stress, among others, these are all factors to be taken into account to ensure effective and safe results. .

Frequency is necessary, if the person wants to see significant results, he / she must perform the training at least three times a week, but the big secret is not this, the secret that will make the person able to walk with a good posture on a daily basis , is the person to do for walking with a good posture on a daily basis!

If the training is 1 hour, and there are 3 workouts per week, it is only 3 hours in a week. Having a 7-day 24-hour week, it’s just 3 hours training in a 168-hour week.

Melhorar a postura | Holmes Place

The more hours you are in correct postures, the better!

The secret is to use training references for everyday activities! In your day use tricks to improve your posture. Tricks like sitting in the car after a class and hitting all the mirrors in the car, obliging whenever you sit in the car to drive, be as aligned as possible. Do you work sitting at the computer? Do you have reminders placed on the desk with tasks or phone numbers? Put a reminder for yourself! A reminder to say, are you still right?

In conclusion, nowadays, there is an increasing tendency for incorrect postures. When we have an incorrect posture, this leads to injuries, and sooner or later, with the longest average life expectancy, the sooner we start to have good postural habits, the less likely we will become have injuries, surgery, and pain in the future!

As Joseph Pilates said:

“Incorrect habits are responsible for most, if not all, of our diseases.”

Good training, good habits, and good postures!

Bruno Moura

Personal Trainer Holmes Place Alvalade



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