Have you ever tried eating papaya seeds? Discover its benefits.

Papaya is a tropical fruit, very popular in summer breakfasts for its freshness, lightness and easy combination with other foods. But what many do not know, is that the part usually wasted, the papaya seeds, are as nutritious as the pulp.

Let’s find out what are the excellent nutritional properties that we can remove from these “black eyes”:

– Slows down aging, as it is a good source of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, which fight cell aging from free radicals.

– Contributes to your cardiovascular health, due to its richness in monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

– Combats fungal infections and intestinal parasites, recent studies suggest.

– Preserves kidney function and health, according to a study in rats, whose medication induced renal toxicity, and this was prevented when the seeds were ingested. However, animal studies have limitations of extrapolation to humans.

– Protects against the development of cancer and reduces the inflammatory state. Despite several promising results, it is a vast area still under exploration.

– Improves intestinal health, due to its richness in fiber, promoting the regularization of intestinal transit, especially for those suffering from constipation.

Despite the several benefits mentioned above, ingestion of seeds in high doses, can have side effects, which are easily avoided if your daily intake is moderate.

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A suggestion for using the seeds: a Smoothie. Add the papaya pulp, a tablespoon of seeds and vegetable drink, for example the almond, mix everything and drink fresh.

The next time you eat papaya, remember to enjoy both parts of the papaya, as you will be able to take advantage of many more benefits!

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