Summer is coming and with it the desire to drink cool drinks. Teas can be a healthy option and easily included in your daily nutrition.
Tea is produced from leaves, buds or stems of the Camellia plant. Depending on its manufacturing process, three main types of tea can be obtained, which differ in terms of flavour, color and composition.

Green tea, which is not subject to fermentation, Oolong tea, which undergoes semi-fermentation and black tea, which results from a full fermentation of the plant.


Often confused with tea, herbal teas and infusions are drinks made with herbs other than Camellia. The traditional “chamomile tea”, for example, is an infusion made with chamomile flowers and is not like that, a tea.


The largest percentage of world production and consumption has been attributed to black tea, which is very popular in North America and Europe.


A tea brew, without sugar, has no energy value and therefore the amount of tea does not affect the daily calorie intake. Presenting itself as a good source of polyphenols, caffeine and certain minerals, when consumed in conventional amounts it does not negatively affect human health. However, it can have harmful effects, when excessively consumed, as a result of excessive caffeine absorption.

The polyphenols present in black tea, especially tannins, can inhibit iron absorption to a greater extent when compared to the catechins in green tea. Thus, people at risk or diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia should refrain from drinking tea, especially black tea, around meals.


With the arrival of summer, we propose that you rediscover tea (black and green) and venture into versatile combinations of tea and fruit drinks, without sugar.


Green tea with lemon

nutrition green tea and lemon


1 green tea bag

2 lemon slices

2 cinnamon sticks


Prepare the tea. In a jar add the tea, lemon and cinnamon. Let it flavor and serve it cool.

Optionally, replace the lemon with sliced ​​peach and flavor it with some mint leaves.



Black and Orange Tea

nutrition black and orange tea

1 cinnamon stick

1 orange peel

2 cloves

2 black tea bags

1 sliced ​​lemon

ice to taste


Place the water, cloves, orange peel and cinnamon stick in a pan. After it boils, set aside and let it cool.

Prepare the tea. Combine the black tea and the previous preparation in a jar. Allow to cool and when serving add the lemon.



Also try the smoothies suggestion. Mix all ingredients, mash until creamy consistency and serve very cool.


Red Fruit Tea

nutrition tea red fruits


1 cup of blueberries (red fruits)

1 cup of green tea

½ cup of natural yoghurt

1 tablespoon of flaxseed


Mango and Carrot Tea

nutrition mango and carrot tea


1 cup of mango (previously frozen if you prefer)

½ cup of carrot juice

½ cup of green tea

½ cup of natural yoghurt



papaya tea

nutrition strawberry and papaya tea


1 cup of papaya

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 cup of green tea

fresh mint leaves




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