Sometimes it can be easy to lose some weight, but successfully maintaining it can become more complicated. What if there were 3 essential pillars for this to happen?

When we talk about losing weight, we always associate the need to lose a few pounds. However, having a weight above what is recommended affects self-esteem, quality of life and has health risks, namely cardiovascular.

What does science say?

Researchers in the Nutrition department at the University of Alberta (Canada) analyzed 48 studies on weight loss and maintenance. According to the authors, success lies in the combination of three approaches: nutritional, behavioral and sports.

Mulher a beber água no ginásio | Perder Peso com sucesso | Holmes Place

The first is, essentially, in the energy deficit, that is, ingesting fewer calories than those expended (caloric reduction combined with physical activity).

The second, recorded in 92 percent of successful cases, consists of helping people to correct behaviors, curb consumption for emotional reasons and encourage self-control and motivation.

And the third is the practice of physical exercise, present in 88 percent of weight loss programs and also considered the mainstay of maintaining the right weight.

Who should I talk to?

The best way to clarify this doubt is to consult a specialist. In terms of nutrition, the professional will analyze your clinical history, body composition, habits and lifestyle to outline a strategy adapted to your needs. In addition to the dietary reeducation plan, the nutrition consultation also focuses on the behavioral aspect, which is decisive for the success of the diet.

Mulher a comer | Perser peso com sucesso | Holmes Place

In addition to a nutrition plan, regular physical exercise is beneficial, so move for your health and well-being!

Nuno Gomes

Regional Master Trainer Holmes Place

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