How can exercise be an ally in reducing the not always desired cellulite?

All over the world and, especially in the most modernized societies, cellulite, also known as “orange peel” due to its texture, is a source of concern given its aesthetic disorders. Cellulite becomes more visible when adipocytes (cells where fat is stored) put pressure on the tissues of the dermis making it more visible, hence the areas where there is a greater accumulation of fat are also more likely to develop cellulite such as thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

Its incidence is higher in women but it is not exclusive since it is also visible in some men. On the one hand, and in biological terms, it is normal for women to have a higher percentage of fat, but there are other reasons that can help explain it. In addition to women’s skin being thinner, while fat cells and connective tissue are arranged in a cross pattern in men, in women this pattern is typically vertical, which facilitates the appearance of fat on the surface.

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The excessively sedentary and technology-dependent lifestyles associated with diets high in sugar, fat and “empty calories” favor their appearance, which may explain why they are increasingly visible in adolescents and even children. In any case, some people are more likely to develop cellulite due to several factors:

– Obesity and inflammation

– Age

– Hormonal (estrogen)

– Genetics

– Loss of collagen

– Poor circulation (vascular and lymphatic)

– Skin type (thinner dermis is more conducive)

Although some of the factors are intrinsic to each one (genetics, age, …) there are others that are very influenced by our behaviors. Physical exercise combined with a balanced nutritional diet allows lowering the percentage of body fat, but not only. They can also contribute to increase circulation in the most affected areas and positively influence hormonal changes. Thus, creating and / or adjusting healthier daily routines can be decisive for achieving great results. Including regular workouts and trying to have a more active life throughout the day will be a great help to bring consistency.

Physical exercise

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The most appropriate exercises will depend on each one as there are many other variables that cannot be overlooked in the planning of the sessions (mobility, training experience each, injuries and general health history, …). For example, exercises such as the squat and its variants can be an option if done correctly, otherwise they may have other less desired consequences.

In general, try to combine workouts that place more emphasis on the cardiovascular component to promote the loss of fat mass with strength training to emphasize the increase in muscle tone. If possible, talk to a professional you trust about the best options for you.

It is important to remember that the benefits of physical exercise are not limited to the treatment of cellulite since body movement has an influence on all systems of the body. For this reason, avoid stipulating training goals that focus only on this aspect and increase your motivation for the whole life-changing process that should not be restricted to training sessions.

As always, there must be a specific and personalized approach, but always maintaining a global and integrative vision. This means that physical exercise can be combined with other strategies such as massages for the purpose, application of creams and other treatments giving priority, if possible, to less invasive ones. Be wary of methods and miraculous recipes with quick and long-lasting results.

Good training.

José Pereira

Regional Master Trainer Holmes Place




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