Get to know cranberry (cranberry), your favorite fruit for the prevention / treatment of urinary infection.

Annually more than 150 million people are affected with urinary tract infections (UTIs), with women being the sex most affected by urinary tract infection – approximately 40% of women to 12% of men suffer at least once in their lives of an ITUs.

The reason why women are the sex most affected by bacterial UTI, on a recurring basis, is related to their anatomy – short urethra and close to the anus, facilitating the adhesion and multiplication of bacteria in the bladder and along the urinary tract.

To understand the role of cranberry in the prevention and treatment of urinary infection it is important to see how the urinary infection process occurs.

How does urinary infection arise?

Bacteria, such as E. Coli, in most cases, start by adhering to the walls of the urinary tract through their “arms” – known as fimbriae. This adhesion becomes so strong that they find the perfect environment to multiply and produce toxins, which cause damage to the cells in these walls.

When the bacteria that trigger this infection are not completely eliminated, they generate even more resistant mutations and biofilms that hinder the action of the immune system and, the action of antibiotics, restarting a new infection that may be even more serious.

Cranberry fruta | Infeção urinária | Holmes Place

What is the role of cranberry?

Cranberry, known as cranberry, is a fruit that is characterized by its acid flavor and a very strong antioxidant power. At the same time, it provides a class of flavonoids with antimicrobial action – proanthocainidines type A – that inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

At the same time, D-mannose sugar has been shown to be effective in the treatment of UTIs by E. Coli, by creating an excess of this sugar on the walls of the urinary tract, free bacteria in the bladder will bind to it, instead of D-mannose of the cells of the urinary epithelium. This will prevent the colonization of bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract and will be expelled from the bladder during urination.

The image exemplifies how this whole process occurs.

Cranberry esquema | Infeção urinária | Holmes Place
Cranberry esquema_tratamento | Infeção urinária | Holmes Place

Whether in the form of fresh fruit, or in juice or as a supplement, cranberry is an excellent ally in the prevention and treatment of UTIs, without having to resort to antibiotics. *

* in persistent symptomatology you should consult a doctor.

Marta Mourão – Nutritionist Holmes Place Cascais & Regional Nutrition Support

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