Bistro 100 Maneiras is a historic restaurant in the center of Lisbon, with two floors, including a private room, and capacity to receive about 70 people. Open every day, from 12 pm to 2 am, it is a hymn to pleasure, art, music, history and contemporaneity. A hymn to the pleasures of life. And this characteristic, which congregates so much, made him collect the world number 1 in the Monocle Restaurant Awards in 2017 and the third place in the same awards in the following year.

“Bistro”, some call it, carrying in the French accent. Only 100 Ways, others call it, forgetting that it is the Bistro of the name that gives it part of the identity. Bistro means “clean and clear” in Bosnian. “Clean and clear” the space, the ideas, the food. Comfort cuisine is practiced here, in a choice made à la carte, with creations inspired by the traditional Portuguese recipe, “Yugoslavian”, French and Italian, with a touch of the author and inspirations brought from the travels, experiences and experiences of the boss, Ljubomir Stanisic. No pre-plotted limits. From foie-gras to túbaros, from seafood to game, from “luxury” ingredients to the most forgotten. The menu includes proposals for chopping and sharing, a section for the “brave”, another for “green as the fields”, some seasonal dishes, timeless successes, made impossible to replace, and, of course, an inevitable happy ending (which it’s like saying: very sweet!).

Happy, too, are the suggestions from the bar, winner of the 2017 Coaster award for Best Restaurant Bar in Portugal. Delivered annually in the final of the World Class competition, the most prestigious cocktail competition in the world, the Coaster Awards recognize the daily work in the best cocktail bars. Heading this branch are Jorge Camilo and Daniel Zamith, who are responsible for many of the liquid creations that make him famous.

These glasses and these foods can be drunk at the counter, on the Chesterfield sofa in the entrance or in the Avesso Room, for example (the only smoking space in this house). Conceived by the HA + JE Arquitectura office, and redecorated in 2019 by the artist Mário Belém, it is a place where dreams are served in a liquid and solid state. Cocktails and snacks for dinner – or for before or after dinner. As already said, without rules … 100 Ways!


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